Renegade Coulee Kidd

Foundation Stud Dog, NSTRA Champion, Hunting Dog

Coulee was our original foundation stud dog. He was out of Ben William's Williams Pride Winston and some great genetics from Cedaridge Brittanys going back to Charlie O'Dee. Coulee never missed a rooster, EVER!

Tic Tac Cinnamon Sage

Foundation Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog, NSTRA Champion

Sage was our foundation brood bitch. She was an uncanny bird finder and true predator. She taught us all how to better hunters and better shots. Just stay behind her and enjoy the fun! One in a million she was!

Razmatazmanian Renegade

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog, 2X NSTRA Champion

Raz was our firstborn son at True Grit Brits! He was a 2 time NSTRA Champ and our pride and joy! He produced Toots who went on to produce some of our very best pups! Raz is the dog on our logo.

Hula's Bulletproof Rustler

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog, Ended his hunting career early due to a severe injury. Produced DC AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow

Rusty came to us from Rick Smith. His genetics live on in the likes of DC AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow. Following his career ending injury he became the beloved companion for Sandy Becker.

Double Shod Desert O'Dee

Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog, Desi was stolen from us on her first birthday in North Dakota while hunting.

Losing Desi was devastating. We searched for weeks and months for her but nothing ever turned up. Pictured is me with Desi and Priscilla Robinson with Sunni and our AKC puppy stake ribbons. Sage the pups dam took first place at that same trial.

Rotten Roxanne

Roxy was our lone English Pointer given to us by Butch Nelson.

We played NSTRA and American Field with her. She was a canine terrorist at the kennel and was often found at the scene of a crime. We have fond memories of the many hours we spent looking for Roxanne!

CH Brandys Cinnamon Delight JH

Brood Bitch, Show Champion, Hunting Dog, NSTRA Dog, Primadonna

Diva came back to us from Julie Kirby at age 5. She took over for her sister Desi who was stolen from us in ND. She was a true diva and the all time best momma dog ever!

CH Montana's Huckleberry Wine, NSTRA CH

Owned by Eric Kaelin

I helped put the show title on Huckleberry. He was a winner from the get go and when bred to Toots produced an infamous litter that included Montana Rusty Littlepants, Highnoon Newt, True Grits Huckleberry Pie, Big Sky Brandy II to name a few.

True Grits Cinnamon Ridge

Toots produce some of our all time best pups including Montana Rusty Little Pants, Highnoon Newt, Pie, and Big Sky Brandy II the dam of DC AFC Beavers Straight Arrow and AFC Beavers Straight Arrow Cutter. Her genetics lives on in the many fabulous pups she produced.

Howlalewya's Tru Grit Cheetah

Cheetah came to us from Jake & JoJo Schroeder in Arizona.

We Trained her for hunting but never used her as a brood bitch. We spent the last years of her life with Stephanie Naftal.

True Grits Bojangles O'Dee

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog, NSTRA Dog

Bo was out of Sage and the second breeding to DC AFC Dusty's Shot of Brandy. He would literally try to hunt himself to death and was a true powerhouse. An injury ended his stud dog career early on. He made the cover of Gun Dog puppy issue as a baby.

True Grits Sagacious Brier

Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog, NSTRA dog, Registered Therapy Dog

We used Brier for our first ever frozen semen breeding and she had two male pups. In their futurity year Yoda won the Dual Dog Award in the Central Futurity and Sage won runner up in the Western Futurity. She was quite possibly our best performance bitch ever! Brier finished her career as a registered therapy dog for Karen Ore in Bozeman.

True Grits Spice Girl

Brood Bitch, American Brittany Club Western Futurity Runner-up, Hunting Dog, NSTRA Dog

Spice was out of Diva and Multi time NSTRA Ch Dan who was Tic Tac Cinnamon Sage's littermate. Spice was a chip off the old block and took runner up in her American Brittany Club Western Futurity. She produced great pups including our Brink.

True Grits Love'm & Leave'm

Littermate to Spice

Smooch was one of the first dogs I ever trained with the intent to sell. I always regretted selling him.

Pierre's Trina Delight

Trina was a Diva & Dan pup owned by our dear friend Bob Klawitter.

Bob Competed in NSTRA and guided hunters with her. She was eventually sold for a high price and then bred to DC AFC Beavers Straight Arrow and produced our Trina's Bobbie Girl By Arrow aka Bobbie.

Treley's Bozeman Montana

Owned by Richard Vitilara, AKC Trial dog, Brood Bitch, hunting dog. Cover of Gun Dog Magazine.

Tana was out of Raz and Diva. She showed a lot of potential but sadly due to the great recession was sold as a pet and hunting dog. She was killed by a white tail doe.

Montana's Rusty Littlepants

Winner of 2007 NSTRA National Endurance Trial. Owned and Trialed by Mark and Darlene Donovan.

Rusty was out of the great Huckleberry and Toots. He was a one in a million bird finding machine and fierce competitor. Thankfully his legacy lives on in the many great pups he produced!

Highnoon Newt

Owned by Eric Kaelin

Newt was brother to Montana's Rusty Little pants and often competed against him in the same trials. I handled Newt for Eric in the 2007 National Endurance Trial that Rusty won! Newt was sooooo much fun to compete with!

True Grits Huckleberry Pie SH

Dale Sweetser owned Pie. Pie was out of the phenomenal litter that produced Rusty, Newt and Brandy.

Pie lived up to her heritage and earned her Senior Hunter title and was a fierce competitor in NSTRA. She produced our beloved True Grits Baked Alaska aka Mattie. Mattie produced Roo, Clyde and Quiver.

Big Sky Brandy II

Brandy was owned by Rodd Richardson.

Rodd entrusted me with the breeding of Brandy and her first litter by Hula's Bulletproof Rustler produced DC/AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow. Her second litter by CH True Grits Briers Gift produced AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow Cutter and Rhett who is Rodd's Personal Gundog.

True Grits Leather and Lace

Laci was out of Toot's and came out an old soul knowing everything she needed to know from the start. She spent most of her life in Alaska as a family companion and gun dog.

True Grits Dream Catcher

Catcher was out of Sage's Sunburst of Brandy (Sister to Huckleberry, Desi I and Diva) and by M C Kan Do Kenny O'Dee.

I trained Catcher for AKC but sold him the Gordon and Bev Haugan as a trained hunting dog.

True Grits Baby Sister

Sis was out of Toots and Huckleberry and the runt of the litter. Little but Mighty she was leased to an outfitter during many hunting seasons and brought joy to a lot of hunters. She was known for her Yoda ears! May the force be with you Sis!

True Grits Huckleberry Breeze

Brood Bitch, Hunting dog, and Registered Therapy Dog.

Breezes' career was a brood bitch was ended by a freak infection that took the life of her litter and almost killed her. She went on to be a phenomenal registered therapy dog for Karen Ore.

Cooper's Big Sky Traveler

Cooper was a big awesome roan! I co-owned him with Alex Nixon. Coop was a bird finder and could cover ground like nobody's business.

Big Nose Kate

Kate was a Diva/Dan grandaughter from breeder Kirk Moffit in Billings, MT>

Kate was a great all around bird dog and reliable bird finder. She has the honor of producing our largest litter of 13 pups out of Cooper! She lived most of her life with Alex Nixon.

CH True Grits Briers Gift

Bud was out of our beloved Brier and Rusty. He was the beloved bird dog and family companion for Deb and Jeff Aldworth.

Bud was trained by Nolan Huffman. Bud was a wonderful show dog and liked to show off for the judge. He was a true gentleman and produced True Grits On The Brink.

Renegade Shoshoni Savvi CGC

Savvi came to us from Diana Kubitz in Michigan. Owned by Sandy Becker

Even though fully vaccinated Savvi got the parvo mutation of 2006. A plasma transfusion saved her life but she was never quiet the same after that. She went to live with Sandy and was never bred. Sandy and Savvi achieved a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title!

Deseekers Lone River Revelie

Rev came to us from Doug Sieckmeyer in Nebraska and was out of Renegade Kansas Kidd breeding. Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog.

Rev took Runner up in her American Brittany Club Western Futurity. She produce many nice pups for us including our Gabe by Montana Rusty LIttle Pants and our Ned by True Grit Cinnamon Sage.

Deseekers Lone River Hatch Is On

Hatch was out of FC KIdd's Kid Lone River Moose owned by dear friend Phil Corlew. Hatch was a huge brittany and loved to cover ground like his sire!

Hatch produced some fine pups for us. He was sold to Dr. Dave Heetderks.

True Grits On The Brink

Brink is out of Bud and Spice. The most trouble free and rock solid performing Brit I have ever owned!

True Grits Cinnamon Sage

Sage was a frozen semen pup out of our Brier and M C Brett Jared O'Dee which produced just two pups, Sage and Yoda.

Sage was Runner up in his American Brittany Club Western Futurity. I co-owned him as a stud dog with Stephanie Naftal. Sage has more "go" than the average human knows what to do with. His genetics lives on in our stud dog True Grits Lucky Ned Pepper!

Dr Jac's True Grit Master Yoda O'Dee JH

2011 American Brittany Club Central Futurity Dual Dog. Owned by Thomas(Jackie) Swanson.

Yoda was out of Brier and DC AFC MC Brett Jared O'Dee which was our first successful frozen seman breeding.

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True Grits Baked Alaska JH

Brood Bitch, Pheasant Hunting Expert

Mat-Su is out of Pie and Blue and came to us from Dale Sweetser in Alaska. Mattie was bred to Gabe once and to Arrow once producing FC Beaver's Straight Arrow Quiver and True Grits Rooster Cogburn and Jim McCann's Clyde.

DC AFC Beavers Straight Arrow

Winner American Brittany Club Masked Man Award in 2012 and 2013. Owned by Richard Beaver

Arrow is out of a Toots daughter Big Sky Brandy II and our Hula's Bulletproof Rustler. When Richard was deployed to Iraq I was able to keep Arrow and get him started in the field and the show ring. Richard then got Arrow in to the capable hands of Jessica Carlson and Ed Tillson and the rest is history!

True Grits Hey Sailor

Sailor is a full brother to Arrow. Owned by Sandy Becker, Sailor was campaigned by Wayne Down and then Richard Beaver in AKC. Sailor was a true all age dog but a bit slippery to handle. Best of all Sailor is a true adoring companion!

True Grits Archangel

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog, NSTRA Dog

Gabe is out of Revelie and Montana Rusty Little Pants. A chip off the old block, Gabe is a athletic powerhouse! Richard Beaver trialed Gabe for us an put all his AKC puppy and derby points on him with ease!

True Grits Jailhouse Rock JH

Hunting Dog

Rockie came to us from Tobi Buck and a breeding he did with Toots. Owned by John Hansen.

True Grits Return to Sender

Hunting Dog, Stud Dog, NSTRA Dog

Boomer was out of the great Toots and was an awesome bird dog. I trained him to compete in NSTRA but instead he became a beloved gun dog for Chuck Fricke.

True Grits O'Dee Destinee

Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog, Registered Therapy Dog

Desi came to us from Bob Pegg's Bragdon Brittanys kennel in British Columbia. She is out of Montana Rusty Little Pants and Bob's O'Dee bitch Amber. Desi passed on the great talents of Toots in her pups and is now a Registered Therapy Dog owned by Karen Ore in Bozeman

True Grits Lucky Ned Pepper

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog

Ned is out of Rev and Sage and mostly resembles Sage in his speed and athleticism. Ned is a true momma's boy and Tana's pride and joy. The best dog gone retriever as well!

Trina's Bobbie Girl by Arrow

Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog

Bobbie is out of Trina and Arrow. Originally owned by Bob Klawitter we got Bobbie back after Bob passed. Owned by Gaylene Kerr

True Grits Unchained Melo'dee

Brood Bitch, hunting dog

Dee Dee is Ned's littermate. Originally owned by Bob Klawitter and intended to be a brood bitch Bob passed away from cancer and we were unable to breed Dee Dee as planned. Owned by Stephanie Naftal.

Penny's Boy

Hunting dog

Originally Owned by Bill Oyler Penny's Boy was out of Oyler's Pretty as a Penny bred to our Hatch. Penn was a big gorgeous dog like his sire Hatch.

True Grits Lone Shadow O'Dee

Stud dog, Hunting dog

Out of Ruby XV and sired by True Grits Cinnamon Sage Brett is a next level hunting dog! We look forward to seeing his many litters of pups excel in the field. Trained by Tana Kradolfer and Owned by Alex Nixon.

True Grits Rooster Cogburn

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog, Mister Know it All

Roo was one of Conrad's favorites! Out of True Grits Baked Alaska and DC AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow. Roo was relentless and thorough on birds like his sire and dam. Roo had a big heart and lived up to his John Wayne character name!

True Grits Jesse James

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog

Jesse came to us from Ed Tillson and was out of Arrow and Runner's Tequila Rose. Jesse was a breeze to train and now lives with Dave and Kitty Beeken.

FC Arrow's Tequila Rustler

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog

Rusty came to us from Ed Tillson and was out of Arrow and Runner's Tequila Rose. Rusty is owned by Sandy Becker and campaigned by Richard Beaver. (middle dog in picture posed by Richard). Most recently he won the Nebraska All-Age Championship for 2021!

Dr Jac's Ruff-Cut O'Dee

Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog

Gemma is out of Jackie Swanson's Bubba and Luna. I started her and sold her to the Andy Enfield.

True Grits M C Ruff-Shod Dustee O'Dee

Brood Bitch, Hunting Dog, Potential Dual Champion

Dustee is possibly one of our best bitches EVER. She is out of True Grits Lone Shadow O'Dee and MC Dr Jacs Amber Ale O'Dee. We are excited to meet the first Dustee pups expected fall of 2020. Pennhip .4

True Grits M C Ruff-Shod Wyatt O'Dee

Stud Dog, Hunting Dog

Wyatt is Dustee's littermate out of our Brett and Dr Jacs MC Amber Ale O'Dee. Wyatt is a big gorgeous boy with an awesome ground covering gate. PennHip .3

MC True Grits Ruff-Stock O'Dee

Stud Dog, Hunting dog

Ruffee is named for his Grandfather FC Simons Ruff-Shod O'Dee and out of M C Dr Jacs Amber Ale O'Dee by DC AFC M C Brett Jared O'Dee. This was a frozen semen breeding. Ruffee is showing us huge potential at a very young age.

Handsome Pete

Pete is owned by Alex Nixon and is a littermate to our Ruffee. Sired by DC/AFC MC Brett Jared O'Dee with 27 year old frozen semen.

M C True Grits Pixie Dust

brood Bitch, hunting Dog

Madgic is our newest addition to the True Grit Brits lIneup. Out of a frozen semen breeding between DC AFC M C Dusty II O'Dee and Shea's Graceful Queen. She is our first liver and white brittany!

Queen's Itty-Bitty Daisy O'Dee

Daisy is littermate to our Madjic and owned by Stephanie Naftal.

Little but mighty Daisy is like of clone of Toots!