I got my first True Grit Brit this summer and I can’t be happier. Sammy, a May born pup, displayed quick learning qualities during her early training and yard work. I started hunting her in November just before she turned 6 months of age. She was exceptional, pointing and holding coveys of huns and finding dead birds. This winter we hunted 29 days in the south and she pointed 23 coveys of quail all before she turned 8 months old. As a pup she shows exceptional talent and I can’t say enough good about her. Additionally, she is a great little house dog and companion. As I write this testimonial she is quietly sitting next to me on the couch. Sammy is smart, a quick learner, an enthusiastic hunter with a strong prey drive, with a great personality. All these traits are reflective of quality breeding. Thank you Tana. Chuck Schwartz 

Chuck Swartz
Sammy is Brink and Boomer pup born in 2017.

 "Good breeding makes all the difference in developing a great bird dog, and the first evening 8 week old Clyde spent in my home I knew I had a pup with excellent potential. At six months Clyde can do it all; he quests for birds, points and holds point, and he's steady to wing. His yard work has been easy as this pup is eager to learn. Clyde is one of those dogs that seem to train themselves. He's that good." Jim McCann Fairbanks, AK 

Jim McCann
Clyde is a Mattie and Arrow pup from 2013

 Hi Tana, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our puppy from True Grit Brits. This is my fourth Brittany and we couldn't be more pleased. She was super easy to house train and the fastest learner we have ever had. She is amazing in the field for a young dog, consistently covers the right ground quickly, finds birds other dogs miss, and checks back in just often enough to keep me from worrying where she is at. I have put her in numerous puppy and derby trials, she has placed in every one! Several trainers and judges have come up to me and stated that they would be happy to have my dog on their string. In the house she is just a calm, sweet family dog, and in the field she is awesome! We couldn't ask for more. Thanks again for breeding such a great dog, Greg Goltz 

Greg Goltz
Penny is a Bobbie and Willie pup from 2019