• Whelped and reared with the utmost care and socialization
  • Registered AKC
  • Parents are OFA or Pennhip certified


  • For Structural soundness and good health into the twilight years
  • To be Easily trained with natural ability and a willingness to learn and please.
  • With good temperaments and have sweet endearing personalities.
  • To be birdy relentless hunters
  • To be good family companions
  • To be potential competitors for a variety of canine endeavors
  • To include many proven gun dogs in their pedigrees including National Title Winners!


5075 Clearview Rd.
Belgrade, MT 59714 (406) 388-4974

As Seller (Breeder) of this puppy we are fully committed to its well being for the lifetime of the dog. If at any time and for any reason, the Buyer no longer wishes to keep this dog, Buyer agrees to inform Seller of the intent to sell or place this dog and gives Seller the first option to repurchase or take the dog back at no cost. Under no circumstances is this dog (nor any of is offspring) to be surrendered to a shelter, abandoned, sold for experimentation, wholesaled or sold to/through a pet shop or puppy mill, or used for prizes or raffles.

The Buyer will not use this dog for breeding before the age of 24 months. Before breeding at any age the dog must be OFA certified as free of hip dysplasia, and have no disqualifying faults as listed in the AKC breed standard. If used for breeding this dog will be bred only to an individual whose hips are certified with OFA and is without any disqualifying faults as listed in the AKC breed standard.

Seller as reimbursement for spay/neuter will issue a $100 refund check to Buyer if the following requirements have been met: 1) Spay or neuter is completed by 18 months of age. 2) Seller is provided a copy of the Veterinarian's receipt verifying the procedure. 3) The dog is registered in the original owners' name and has not been sold. 4) The dog must not have bred or whelped a litter.

The Buyer agrees to provide adequate attention, training, medical care, housing, safe fenced confinement, exercise, food and water.

A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a pup and picking order is based on deposit order. The balance owed is due prior to ship or at pickup. Deposits will be returned in the event a puppy can’t be provided out of the agreed upon litter.

Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Seller reserves the right to choose the Buyers pup for him based on her knowledge of the litter and the results of any puppy testing procedures, in order to best match homes and puppies.

Your puppy's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have been x-rayed free of hip dysplasia. In the unlikely event a dog is found to have hip dysplasia a replacement puppy will be provided under the following conditions: 1) The dog is registered in the original owners' name and has not been sold. 2) The dog has not sired or whelped a litter. 3) Proof of spay or neuter signed by a veterinarian is provided to Seller. 4) Registration papers are returned to Seller. 5) Dog is no more than 26 months of age. 6) Seller has been notified in writing including copies of x-rays and a written diagnosis from a veterinarian. Seller will then obtain a second opinion from another veterinarian. No Refunds Issued. Replacement pup will be issued at the discretion of the seller.

Each clause of this contract is individually enforceable.

I (we) the Buyer of this puppy, have read this contract and agree to abide by it.

Date & Signature of Buyer: